Conflict between the head and the heart is often unavoidable, management coach suggests

If you've ever felt yourself going around in circles trying to make major decisions over a career change, a job offer, a business proposition  or something equally major, know that the circles may be caused by the conflict between what your ‘head' is telling you to do and what your ‘heart' is saying to you. Martha Beck's book, ‘Finding Your Own North Star (2001)' is a great resource to help us understand the conflict created by the head and the heart. She describes our two selves: the social self (the conforming, predictable, planned, hardworking, logical thinking, avoidance-based ‘self') and the essential self (the attraction-based, unique, inventive, spontaneous, playful ‘heart self"). She explains why the two selves make such an odd couple and what we can do to live easily with both of them.