An 800km walk across the north of Spain in 2009 on the Camino the French Way provided six lessons for getting through challenging, changing times. The context involved 30km days, the Pyrenees, hills, hot and cold weather; back packs, accommodation in hostels of varying quality and comfort; two sets of clothing and leg injuries. Each day brought different challenges, interesting people and joy. The journey was mentally relaxing, spiritually uplifting, emotionally and physically challenging and ultimately,

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The beginning of a New Year is often a good time to reflect back on the previous year and typically attention is on all the things we have done as ‘human doings’ – the achievements, large and small, as well as the disappointments and bits in-between. What is often missed in the reflection process is who we are as ‘human beings’ and in particular, our inner self. The Indian philosopher Patanjali said “When you are inspired by some great purpose,

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A recent report in the newspaper mentioned, in tones of great astonishment, that a particular person was still in paid employment and they were in their 60s – the inference being, the person was too old to be working and how come they weren’t retired. I find it difficult to understand how an employee in their 60s is considered unusual in this day and age, given people live longer today than decades ago. I find it difficult to understand the spoken or unspoken inference that being in a certain age bracket means people are past it,

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