Be courageous – have the Conversations that Count!!

What are the conversations that count? They’re the discussions about getting all your personal affairs in order before it is too late to do so (wills, enduring powers of attorney, guardianship for children, memorandum of wishes, funeral details, recording digital assets and so on) AND Advanced Care Plans – the process of thinking, talking and planning for future and end-of-life care. Pakeha/European culture is largely death-denying which is a significant barrier to these important discussions. Yet, thinking about your death enables you to think about your life; thinking about your life enables you to consider what you may want to change or add into your life while you can; and thinking about your life and death reminds you that until you die, you are in the business of living.

Be bold. Start and finish the difficult conversations. Get your affairs in order. Get onto the business of living well.