Most of the population don’t have wills

Recent research released from Perpetual Guardian (; 02/05/15) reveal many individuals leave making their first will until late in life – approximately 60-69 years of age; amongst older people with wills, 13% made their first will between 18-29 years of age; and 24% did so between 30-59 years of age.

These are alarming figures, given the reality every individual will face at some point in time (their death); and the impact dying without a will has on the loved ones, families and business partners left behind. Lawyers know that ‘where there’s a will, there’s a relative’; they also know the considerable costs dying intestate (without a will) has on a deceased’s estate. Relatives left behind incur personal costs: the emotional impact, stress and work they have to do, to sort out the mess left behind. It can be so easily avoided with forethought and respect for others.