Managers and team leaders need regular reflective supervision and coaching

While formal supervision is provided to social workers working across the different sectors, including social services and health, there is an unmet need for managers and team leaders, to access the same support. While it is expected managers and team leaders would provide a supportive listening ears and opportunities for their staff to debrief and brainstorm with them, who do managers and team leaders go to, to discuss their work, the challenges they face, the situations they find difficult to manage or a decision they may have made that may not have been the best? A quick catch up chat with a manager in the corridor isn’t sufficient – a dedicated, regular time needs to be set aside every two-three weeks, or sooner, if required. While it is tempting to say everyone’s too busy meeting deadlines and there’s no time to stop and analyse through reflective supervision and coaching, what is the personal, professional and organisational cost of not doing this?