Two questions – what’s your answer?

Two difficult yet very helpful questions we could ask ourselves on a regular basis are (1) what is your soul mission? (2) what is your joy generator? When was the last time you thought about the real purpose of your life and the sort of ‘legacy’ you wish to leave behind you? Many people live lives of quiet desperation – unhappy in their work, personal lives and everyday realities; some may lack the confidence and/or insight, to make the changes they would like to make. It is important to find our purpose (it takes a while, sometimes) and go for it. Equally, joy and happiness is a good goal to strive for, and that too takes vision, tenacity through ups and downs, and courage to try new things and keep on learning and growing. So if you haven’t yet nailed down your soul mission, and you want to update and refresh your joy generator, get cracking. Go for it. And encourage others to do the same.