Covid-19, Mortality and Get Your Affairs in Order (Before it is too late)

We are strange creatures, human beings. In the midst of enjoying life and living, we put thoughts of our own mortality on the back burner. Yet now, with Covid-19, the lockdowns and various other restrictions imposed upon us, our personal fragility is highlighted like never before. Our sense of control has gone and fears have come to the fore. Yet there is something constructive we can and must do during this time, if we haven’t done so already. That is to get all our ‘personal affairs’ sorted, as in documenting all our important information (e.g. digital assets, service providers, memberships, etc), finding birth/marriage/adoption certificates and the like; critiquing important documents, storing them in a fire-proof container, and telling key people where to find our information. We really don’t know whether we will have a tomorrow like today, so lets be bold, confront what we want to avoid, and crack on with living as well as we can. Are you up to the challenge?