I read an article recently about the US Navy Seals (Sea, Air and Land Teams), an elite special operations force that work around the globe. Given the work they do, their work ethic, the trust of their colleagues, their collective commitment to the task at hand, and physical fitness, enables them to do their job effectively and efficiently.

What core components are reflected in your workplace? A strong work ethic from the management and every employee?

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There’s nothing like a crisis situation to really hone the mind and focus our attention on what really matters in our lives. To enable us to do this, we need to schedule some quiet times to allow our minds to slow down and for us to really ‘look’ at our current situation- not just in our personal lives, but our working/professional lives also. So, some questions for you to contemplate in the following weeks: (1) What brings you great joy in your personal life?

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Women’s Suffrage Day 19/08/2018 in Aotearoa/New Zealand acknowledged and celebrated 125 years ago it was the first country in the world to enable women to vote. A few weeks earlier on 26/08/18, it was Women’s Equality Day. While many positive milestones have been reached over the decades, there is still a way to go to achieve equal pay for equal work,  regardless of one’s gender, and the sector worked in. Unconscious biases still prevail.

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The Kiwi Sisters’ Camino de Santiago is much more than a simple travel narrative: it’s an inspiring reflection on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Sue Dwan talks about an experience many people will never have – walking the 800 km Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail across northern Spain .

Despite having very little knowledge of the local language and customs, Sue and her sister Catherine set off every day into an unpredictable landscape that exists far beyond their comfort zones.

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For a recent study looking at the link between flexible working practices and increased productivity, see the Regus study It found that 76% of small-business owners and managers surveyed believed their company was more productive as a result of allowing employees more choice over where and when they worked. It also found 64 per cent of larger organisations agreed.  Source: EEO Trust, NZ.

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