Getting Your Affairs in Order

 While you are busy juggling work and business with family life and the seemingly endless calls on your time, thoughts of a future without you in it are not easy to contemplate. We educate and support business owners and individuals with planning and organising their affairs in preparation for the inevitable. Get Your Affairs in Order (Before it is too late) are three practical guidebooks designed to give you (and possibly your loved ones, in time) peace of mind. You download them, print them out, complete them, update them regularly and store them safely until they’re needed.

I was moved to write these guidebooks after supporting friends with life-threatening illnesses. In talking to them and others about ‘getting their affairs in order’, I realised few people were actively doing so or if they had, they hadn’t done everything that needed attention.

It was a difficult topic for people to think and talk about, let alone plan for. These guidebooks are a call to action and an escort into a challenging topic.

They encourage and guide you to:

  • think about your life and death
  • get your personal and business affairs in order and
  • reduce the stress, work and heartache for your loved ones left behind.

If you can do all of this, you can get on to the business of living well.

Sue Dwan, Director


Guidebook 1. Clarify your Intentions

In the same way that you might write a pre-holiday checklist to ensure you cancel the newspaper, ask the neighbours to collect your mail, and put the pets into care (so you go away and say, “I’ve done everything I need to, I can now relax!”) the preparation for your death needs the same attention. It needs forethought, time, and attention to detail. But getting it done means you can relax in the knowledge that the important things are attended to and your loved ones won’t be stressed and distraught, expending huge amounts of time and energy on the things you left behind.

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Guidebook 2. Clear the Way
Here’s a gentle lead-in to thinking about death in general and how you can best prepare yourself for your own death. Why should you do something that you may not really want to think about or do? There are many reasons: you may or may not know how long you have to life; you will eventually face your own death, whether you’re ready or not; you may or may not feel satisfied with how you live your life or the quality of your life; you may or may not currently have peace of mind or happiness.

In short, thinking about your death enables you to think about your life. Thinking about your life enables you to change aspects of it, if you can and want to. And thinking about your life and death reminds you that, until you die, you are in the business of living.

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Guidebook 3. Wrap up your Business
Whether you have a small, medium, or large business and have no staff or a number of staff, it always pays to plan for the unexpected – sudden illness, ongoing incapacitation or death. If this happens, a relative or friend may have to run your business until they can wind it up, sell it as a going concern, or shut it down immediately.

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These guidebooks can be purchased individually or as a set.
Clarify your Intentions AND Clear the Way

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