The International Coaching Week is a time to bring the public’s attention to the value of working with a trained, qualified professional coach.  The International Coach Federation (ICF) reflects the value of professional coach training, on going professional development and coaching qualifications, and the impact coaching has on individuals and organisations across the different sectors. The ICF currently has approximately 30,000 members in 140 countries. If you’re looking for a coach in your area, see:

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Reflections On The Dark Side was published in 1990 by Dr Robert Hogan.  In his article, he discusses the ‘bright side’ and ‘dark side’ of people’s performance. This is revealed when they pay attention to the normal rules of self-presentation, and when they’re not paying attention, or when they don’t care about creating a good impression. He notes the three features of reputation, and says smart players in the game of life take good care of their reputations.

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Telling stories is part of the human condition. It is how ideas and information is conveyed to others, and it is also how we interpret and rationalise events and situations in our personal and professional lives. In our stories, we may often present ourselves in the best possible light –  our ‘best selves’.   Yet before making a decision on issues and passing on information, a distinction must be made between the actual, neutral facts of a given situation,

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