Anyone remember the days when desk files were common? They may have been more common in the government sector than private sector, but they were such useful documents. They were developed for every role, were literally the "beginner's guide to this job" and crucial for when people had to step into another's role for a limited period of time i.e. sickness, bereavement or just as part of work experience. Position descriptions only go so far yet desk files set out details in such a way that key information is easily accessible.

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I'm always a bit shocked to hear managers, team leaders and supervisors say they get very little feedback in their role. It's disturbing to hear people question themselves as to whether they are doing an alright job, because they really don't know. For many people, their annual performance appraisal is the only time they have 1:1 time with their manager and the only time they get to hear about their work. And what is even more shocking is to hear the type of feedback many people get,

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