I like the phrase 'having a guard dog and barking yourself' as it reminds me of role boundaries and people management. Sometimes inexperienced managers inadvertently pick up the work of their staff because the staff are overloaded, overwhelmed, can't meet deadlines or don't know what to do. They may do this as a short term, immediate solution to a particular issue yet sometimes find that when the particular crisis has passed, they're still stuck with their staffs'

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In most workplaces today the dominant generation are the baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964. Most management positions are filled with baby boomers and that whole generation has developed and shaped the workplaces as we know them today. I've been wondering about just how attractive the workplaces really are to generations X and Y and, come to that, to some baby boomers too…When I hear managers lament the fact that generations X and Y don't stay long in their roles and reflect on why that is so,

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