Stress-free productivity – mission impossible?

According to David Allen, author of Getting Things Done – The Art of Stress- Free Productivity (2001) – it is possible to achieve with a combination of attention on what needs doing and clear intention to what specifically needs to be done, to do it. There's also the matter of incomplete loops to seal off as well.  It is well worth reading if you want a different look at self and time management techniques.

Two writing tips to circumvent writer’s block

You know how it is. A report to write, an essay to begin, an assignment due, a month of blogs to prepare in advance before you go on holiday. The looming deadlines make the brain cells go AWOL and no ideas spring to mind. One way to get started is to think of title headings and jot them down. Then, think of items that could fit under the headings and put them down in short bullet points. Later on, when your mind has come back into itself, you can critique the bullet points, discard what's not appropriate, add some that are, and string them together in sentences. Before you know it, you'll have some paragraphs.

NZ has the world’s worst managers?

According to the Ministry of Economic Development's recent research, New Zealand has some of the worst managers in the world. This is reported in the October 2011 edition of NZ Business (NZB). By all accounts, poor managers are the main reason people go to work in Australia; poor leadership and management skills are cited as the reason for high employee disengagement and low productivity; and poor management skills have been shown to have a direct impact on the culture of a business. And what's the cost to all of this? The article says a survey in 2009 found poor work culture and a lack of leadership cost business more than 2.6 billion a year.