It is a fair bet that most people are time poor because they're dealing with multiple, conflicting demands in their personal and professional lives. Some people appear to juggle work and other commitments without any apparent difficulties or feelings of stress whatsoever; yet there are others who seem to struggle keeping all the balls in the air all the time and feel those effects. And unexpected events, like the Christchurch earthquakes or the loss of a loved one,

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In Christchurch, NZ, we are but three days away from the first anniversary of the September 4 2010 earthquake. It also marks twelve months with ongoing disruption and destruction; deaths, injuries and uncertainty; constant change and losses of all description. It also highlights a year of community connections, humanity, compassion, generosity and astonishing resilience. And the question I've reflected upon endlessly over the year is what builds resilience? It seems some of the traits include: a positive,

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