Recent Australian research into the effects of restructuring and bullying in the public service notes that organisational factors create the power relations needed to support it; and in some instances, restructuring policies and practices may be the perpetrator. For a thought provoking read, see  » Read more about: Australian research into restructuring and bullying  »

The EEO Trust (NZ) announced in their latest ezine the Australian Multicultural Foundation has developed a cultural diversity training manual for small/medium sized businesses to support them in encouraging cultural diversity in the workplace. If you want the benefits cultural diversity brings and want to know how to go about it, check out the cultural diversity training manual and the Training Programme Workbook for details.

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Failure, as we have all experienced, is being unsuccessful in doing something. It's something most people want to avoid, preferring instead the flip side to the same coin – success, achieving something. Failure is seen and experienced as negative and best avoided. But what if failure could be seen in a different light altogether? What if it could be acknowledged as an essential part of a creative, learning process? What if we could have the belief that as human beings living our working and personal lives,

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