It’s easy to be caught up in the relentless “doing” that constitutes our personal and working lives. When we get to our desks each morning, we “do” things all day and more often than not at this time of year, we are already thinking ahead to the New Year and all that must be planned for, all that must be done. Yet how often do we sit long enough to acknowledge what we,

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We’re coming up to a very strange time of year. That is, the “year end” activities such as clearing the desk, having staff and client functions, preparing for holidays, planning for Christmas etc. All of which can create extra stress and demands, so, if you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to get done and feel you’re rushing from one thing to another, without a sense of getting anywhere,

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I read somewhere recently that the average person may put on a few hundred grams of weight per year and not notice it until a few years down the track, they realise they are carrying extra kilos. So it is with life balance: a few longer than normal work days here and there becomes the norm; volunteering to go on one committee easily becomes several committees, in no time at all; stopping exercising a few times because it can’t be wedged into a packed schedule becomes no exercise at all,

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