Theory and practice – is there a difference between the two?

A quote attributed to Chuck Reid recently caught my attention – “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice; in practice, there is.” It’s something I’ve pondered on since, especially in relation to leadership and management. Theories certainly give a framework for viewing and considering how things may be and why so, and that’s fantastic. The understanding and possible application of the theories in the workplace, is problematic as situations, contexts, individuals and interpretations are all so different. the ideal is one thing, the reality is often another. I’m with Chuck on this. What about you?

Small things make a big impression

One small issue has made a big impression on me of late, and that was the lack of care taken with important documents, especially so contracts. I have seen contracts for service that had incorrect information in them and required the recipient of the contracts to point the errors out and ask they get altered. Errors may be made in documents however when some documentation requires cutting and pasting material from one source document into another, it requires the cutter/pasting person to proof-read their work and check that what should be in a document, is actually there and correct. Oftentimes, that doesn’t happen because of a pressured workplace and a high workload. The pity of it is that the recipient of incorrect documentation may be left wondering about the skill levels of the staff, their attention to details and the overall quality orientation of the organisation. Small things do matter.

New book offers strategies for dealing with a difficult boss

A recent edition of NZBusiness alerted readers to a book out from Michael Smyth (the ‘Approachable Lawyer’), entitled Employed But Under Fire – Strategies for Dealing with a Difficult Boss. The book explains what goes on at the workplace and offers employees strategies to adopt to get out of the stress. The book is available in paperback and in an E-book. See

Next Generation survey now out from PwC – well worth reading

PwC have just published their Next Generation Survey, called Bridging the gap: Handing over the family business to the next generation. They conclude that succession may be a make-or-break moment in family firms and there are a number of factors that need to be worked through, to make the process successful. It is a comprehensive report and a great read.