The Family Drug Support Aotearoa (FDSA) nationwide charitable trust was founded by Christchurch innovator Pauline Stewart. It was created ‘to assist families/whanau to deal with alcohol and other drug misuse, in a way that strengthens relationships and achieves positive outcomes’. FDSA is physically based at 301 Tuam St, Christchurch Central. It’s support phone number is: 0800 337 877; the office phone number is: 03 2818740; and the email contact is:
If you need help,

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A key tip to keeping your technical information up to date is to create specific lists e.g. technical information (IP addresses, links to get into the back end of one’s website, instructions to do certain tasks, names and contact of IT expert) and update them regularly. Another list to create is your personal logins/passwords, and that too needs to be updated whenever new contacts/information needs to be added, or, contacts/information needs to be deleted. If you can keep on top of the lists,

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